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Upcoming Show: Maiden Lane Alley Art Show

In the June Recap I wrote a bit about my attempt at an outdoor showing of my work for the CNU Road Diet, and what a disaster that whole experience was. But I didn't let it get me down! So this Saturday I'm trying again, with a totally new setup and hopefully some stuff people will dig.

Following this Saturday's Downtown Farmer's Market, Maiden Lane will turn into an afternoon-long art fair featuring all sorts of local artists, and I'll be right there with them!

In addition to showing off and selling some of my prints, I'll be setting up a few lights and a backdrop to take some portraits for anyone interested.

The setup is a simple one, as we're not looking to win any awards here, but it will be a cool way to commemorate the end of 2016's summer for anyone interested.

Trevor doesn't like to look at the camera, but check out that shirt! Excellent test subjects for a quick setup dress rehearsal.

The photos will be taken for free, and within a few weeks of the show I will have them all posted here, with links sent to each person who participated so they can easily find themselves. From there, the shots can be used for whatever anyone feels like, with the option to order physical prints as well.

I'm super stoked for the chance to work with a whole bunch of new people, even if it will only be a brief encounter with each.

I'll also have a whole bun of new prints available for perusal and purchase, including a few of your favourite bands!

The entire event runs from 2(ish) to 9 p.m., and as it takes place right in the heart of Downtown Windsor it's a great place to start your night out to celebrate the last long weekend of summer. So stop by for a picture before the hot, stinky clubs mess up your hair and clothes.

I also want to give a huge shoutout to Joey Acott for arranging the whole event, and for letting me be a part of it!

Plus a crazy huge thank you to the parents for being such wonderful helpers on the arranging and testing of everything! Dad is capable of smiling sometimes, I swear.

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