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Just the Basic - Silence is the Hardest Part

My inner emo kid is languidly pleased to have been able to work on this video.

Michigan-based Just the Basic (From the Depths Entertainment) is letting their inner Silverstein shine with this new pop-punk track. After recording and mixing at Sound Shop Studio in Macomb, Michigan, the band shot their own music video, edited it into the more-or-less final cut, and then sent it over to me for colouring and effects.

Given pretty much free-reign to have fun with it, I decided on a distorted VHS style, inspired by the hidden-camera-esque group shots and basement setting. I took the opportunity to run a few experiments with layering noise, blending modes, and distortion effects, and am happy with the grungy, glitchy results.

I'll have more collaborations with this group as they ramp up towards the release of their next record.


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