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Rockabilly Shakedown at The DH

On Thursday, October 9, 2015 Montreal's rockabilly trio The Hellbound Hepcats made a stop in Windsor at The Dominion House Tavern.

The Hellbound Hepcats performing at The Dominion House Tavern in Windsor.

I first discovered this band when they were on tour with The Creepshow two or three years ago. I did some cursory research prior to the show, and figured they'd be a good act to catch. I was in love with their performance, drinking, dancing, and shouting the entire time. I ended up purchasing their self-titled album and had it in my car stereo for six months straight.

So going into the show this time I knew what to expect, and was crazy excited.

The crowd was much more demure, and made up largely of people I've never seen at shows before, which is great. The music community in Windsor is extremely diverse, but made up of few enough people that after five years of regularly attending shows I've come to recognize most of them. Which is why it's great to see bands that have the ability to draw outside of the usual crowd.

Black metal styled Abba shirt? Yes please.

While the audience didn't get as into the dancing as they might have, everyone was extremely enthusiastic with their applause at the end of each song, and a good number of them approached the merch table following the set. There was even that one guy writing haikus on the backs of coasters, who then read them to the band as well as my friend and I. Definitely a first for me, and likely for the artists as well.

The Hepcats had less of the rockabilly visual aesthetic that I remember from the last show, but just as much (if not more) talent and energy. Their sound is a throwback to the 60's with galloping drum beats, guitar that falls just short of being too twangy (with some great effects thrown in), and driving upright bass. It's a captivating sound that could come from a cleaned up Gallon Drunk or slighty punked out Peanuts Wilson.

Turn Me Inside Out is the new album from The Hellbound Hepcats, and is available through Stomp Records. I'll be posting a reviw of this album within the next little while, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, go check it out and form your own opinions.

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