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September 2017 Recap

September was a bit of a strange month for me. I spent seventy-five per cent of it working on a super-awesome short film that left me without a lot of time for other endeavours. Totally worth it though, even if I was exhausted and sore for most of the month. And I still managed to fit in a few other shoots, so I won't complain too loudly.

Sheer Mag at Assemble Sound - September 3

Back in August I hosted a Women in Punk special for CJAM 99.1 FM's "Radio Brain Drain" event, a week-long celebration of punk music. During the research for this show I found the band Sheer Mag, out of Philadelphia. They have a sound that mixes 70's rock with modern punk, and I was instantly hooked, particularly on their song Suffer Me. Amazingly, they had a show booked in Detroit only a few weeks later, and I was able to snag a photo pass through CJAM. The show was originally meant to be held at UFO Factory, but an unfortunate construction accident saw the event moved to Assemble Sound, an old church a few blocks from the original venue. I'd never even heard of this place before, and was not prepared for the bouncy floors and single lightbulb. The music was awesome, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the photos are...meh. But I'm still super thrilled that I made it to the show, and found two cool new Detroit bands while I was at it - Loose Koozies and Lost Balloons!

EBX at The Michigan State Fair - September 4

It's always fun shooting Elsie Binx, and in September I managed it twice! The first was at The Michigan State Fair, where they played the arts and culture stage (or something like that). It made for a cool backdrop on a few of these shots, and was my first time at a real 'Murican fair! Deep fry all the things! This was also my first time capturing their new backup vocalist Jen, who totally rocked it!

Chicago - September 6

I outlined this trip in more detail in a #YouDoNew post, but here are some of my favourite shots from the 360 Chicago observation deck!

EBX at The Token Lounge - September 12

My second shoot with EBX this month was at The Token Lounge in Westland, where they opened for Lisa Hurt and Doro Pesch with Warlock. The little club was super packed for Pesch, and I wasn't digging too hard on the way the band sounded, so I opted not to fight the masses for some shots of them, but snagged a few cool ones of the openers!

The Quick and Dirty - September 11 to 28

This was an interesting project. For three weeks in September I was a P.A. and behind-the-scenes photographer for a short film being made by local media company Suede Productions Inc. It was a long and often exhausting project, but I had a fantastic time and was thrilled to work with these guys again. I'll do a more in-depth post on this whole thing, but for now here are a few of my favourites:

Shelly and Mike's Wedding at The Willistead - September 17

In the midst of shooting the short film, I took a day to capture the memories of Shelly and Mike's intimate wedding, which was held at Willistead Manor in Walkerville.

Shelly and Mike were a wonderful couple to work with, and their family was extremely welcoming, as well as being a ton of fun. I'm so happy to have been able to be part of their big day!

Windsor Music Archive "Reunions" Event at The Backstage - September 29

Back in January the Windsor Music Archive held it's first event, featuring some of the best acts currently working the local circuit. This time around we brought back some of the best acts of years past - Problem To The Solution, fiftywatthead, and Lodown. The night was kicked off by favourites Jody Raffoul and Dusty D'annunzio, and the entire event was a huge success. I'll have more shots available shortly, but here are a few for now:

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