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Eclipse at The Windsor Riverfront

I've been looking forward to the solar eclipse for weeks, and even though I don't have the proper gear for shooting an event like this, I knew that I would still be able to get some awesome shots of people enjoying the spectacle.

After work this afternoon I took a walk down the river, figuring a good number of people would use the location for viewing, and I was right.

I always love seeing so many people gathered for a common purpose, especially in Windsor where it can be difficult to get people out of their homes.

Trevor the chihuahua made some new friends, and a few people were willing to share their viewing devices, so I was able to see the eclipse from more angles than just my paper pinhole camera.

This guy was nice enough to let us take a peek through his beer case camera

And the upstanding citizen in the blue was wandering through the crowd offering his eclipse glasses to anyone he saw without their own. This was definitely the best way to see it, and for the next one I won't procrastinate so hard on getting my own pair!

In addition to these, we were also able to see projections through tree leaves, which was super awesome, and one awesome lady had a hand fan pierced allover that made a fantastic design on the ground.

In addition to the event viewers, I was able to snap some shots of all the usual riverfront activity, including freighters, the RCMP, and of course the ever-beautiful Detroit skyline.

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