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July 2017 Recap

July was my busiest month to date, with paid portrait work really picking up - which I'm certainly not going to complain about.

I also started few other new things this month, including a waitressing job and a self-improvement project that I'm calling #YouDoNew (follow along on Twitter!). So this month was tons of insanity, and I've been loving every moment of it.

August is already ramping up to be a busy one, so be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see some cool photos as they happen!

Fork and Cork Festival at Riverfront Festival Plaza - July 7

This was my first time shooting this event, and it was so much fun. I had never seen My Son The Hurricane before, but thanks to Fork and Cork they're one of my new favourites! Recommended if you like Five Alarm Funk or Grand Analog (or fun tunes in general). I guess shooting Tonic and Finger Eleven wasn't bad either... My favourite part was probably getting those crowd photos though. With all the food, booze, and music, people were having a blast and I loved capturing that. Check out the full post on the festival here!

Realtor Head Shots - July 12

I've posted photos of Taylor Bruno before, when she's performing as one of the backup singers for Michigan rock band Elsie Binx, but this time I've got some very different shots of her.

Taylor recently became a licensed realtor and required some head shots for business cards, social media, and all that. So we met up in a park one day and raced an incoming storm to get some awesome images for her to use in her marketing.

The Royal Oak Summer Concert Series - July 13

The following day Elsie Binx was performing alongside The Dave Hamilton Band as part of The Royal Oak Summer concert series, so I was out to get some images of that. I didn't dig the look of the stage, all reflective white and covered in a mess of tables and random gear, but managed to get some neat shots anyhow. I particularly dig the ones I caught from the top of a nearby parking structure, I also recommend checking out The Dave Hamilton Band if you get a chance. I hadn't heard of them going into the event, but loved their groovy sound and how they really turned cover songs into their own thing.

Plus there was a hula hooper, which is always fun to watch.

Evil Dead, The Musical! at The KordaZone Theatre - July 14

These photos were part of some WindsoriteDOTca coverage, and I was thrilled to be there for this one. The cast and crew did a fantastic job on the production, and I'd for sure see it again if given the chance.

You can find more photos and information in the full blog post, or the initial Windsorite story.

Grrrl Fest at Villains Beastro - July 15

In 2015 I participated in the inaugural Grrrl Fest at Villains Beastro as a vendor, and was thrilled to be back this year as the official event photographer.

Organized by local musician Christin Ceshan, Grrrl Fest brings together artists and vendors from the Windsor region who identify with the ideals of the Riot Grrrl movement, and who look to improve our local community. The event featured tarot card readers, henna artists, jewelery creators, and more, along with some excellent speakers on feminism and women's activism, local girl-rock band The Trudys, and burlesque performances from The Win-City Roses.

The Vans Warped Tour at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan - July 21

There are hundreds of photos from this event available on the CJAM 99.1 FM Facebook page, and tons in the official blog post for the event, but here are a few that really stand out for me:

Durham Newborn Shoot at Wridair Farm - July 24

It's been about a year since my last photo shoot with a baby, but when given the chance themed shoot at the farm where I spent a good portion of my childhood, I couldn't pass it up. At four weeks it maybe wasn't quite a newborn shoot, but as these were Oliver's first photos I'll count it. He was such a wonderful little model though, I couldn't even believe it. I've never before worked with someone who was so agreeable and open to anything, and that was just the mom! Oliver was the perfect little subject, even cooperating enough to get a photo with a calf!

Swans in Amherstburg - July 28

While out visiting my mom in the county we found a family of swans hanging out in a marsh off of County Road 20, so we had to stop for some photos. On the trip home I tried to capture some images of a heron hanging out in Big Creek, but he wasn't as into the idea as the swans had been. Still did alright with some action shots, though!

Explore the Shore Portraits - July 29

Every year in July County Road 50 hosts "Explore The Shore," an event that encourages visitors to check out local businesses and wineries along the twisting road that follows the shore of Lake Erie from Malden Centre to Kingsville. My parents live along this road, in the stretch between Ure's Country Kitchen and Holiday Beach Conservation Area. My mom decided that all the traffic brought in by the event would make that weekend perfect for a yard sale, and she was right. I decided to get involved as well, so in addition to the usual yard sale type stuff I brought out some of my prints and my camera in an attempt to drum up some bisiness with a new crowd.

It was a somewhat successful experiment, as I sold one print, handed out a whole bunch of cards, and snagged some nice commemorative photos for visitors.

The bright sun and quickly fading shade made for some less-than-ideal shooting conditions, but I managed to get some decent shots nonetheless. My dog Trevor also enjoyed making a whole bunch of new friends that day, and getting involved in most of the photos.

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