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Evil Dead, The Musical! At KordaZone Theatre

In the year or so since I've started back as a journalist and photographer with WindsoriteDOTca I've had the chance to cover some cool things: The Windsor City Council 1892 Reenactment, The Stanley Cup's visit to the city, The Downtown Mission Motorcycle Fundraiser, and so, so much more.

Last week was probably my favourite one yet, however, hence it's own dedicated blog post, on top of the official story.

I'm a fan of community theatre, and have had the chance to cover it in the past, but this show was especially exciting for me. Army of Darkness was one of those movies I watched many times in my teenage years, along with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So Evil Dead, The Musical, which is said to be the new RHPS, is right up my alley.

The guests were all super excited for the show, the staff was very friendly and accommodating towards me, and even the undead ushers, (or 'Deadites') were happy to play nice for the camera. Then the show started and I kept having to remind myself to take photos, rather than simply watching the ridiculousness unfolding before me.

Unfortunately scheduling had me covering only the first half of the production, but I still enjoyed myself immensely, and managed to get some awesome shots out of it. A big thanks to the Korda team for letting me capture their show, and for putting on such an entertaining play!

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