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#YouDoNew - Tarot Card Reading

As my first foray into new experiences, I decided to give tarot card reading a shot. It's not a particularly physically or mentally taxing endeavour, but it's something that I definitely would not try if I weren't forcing myself into new things. I've never been much of one for ghost stories or fortune tellers. I always thought the Ouija Board was some bullshit, and could never imagine partaking in a seance (although I did try the Magic 8 Ball once or twice as a kid). So since this is pretty far outside my comfort zone, but still in a comfortably familiar place (Villains Beastro in Downtown Windsor), it seemed like a good starting point. I went into it with an open mind, ready to hear whatever the card lady had to say.

She started off by having me shuffle the deck, which would help "connect it to my energy." The reader, Fae Tigre, explained that she's a "clair-cognizant," which means "clear knowing," as opposed to the better known "clairvoyant," which means "clear seeing."

I was doing a one-card reading, and the design that turned up was the Seven of Winter, which apparently equates to the swords card in a more traditional deck.

Fae started off by telling me that there's some fog around my life - some uncertainty going on. "Well damn," I thought. "That's pretty accurate." But then I figured that this is probably a good starting point for most people. So I smiled and nodded.

She went on to say that I'm in denial about a relationship, whether it's a significant other, friend, or family member, and that I need to "get my head out of the sand." Apparently I'm an emotional thinker, and need to be more rational. Oh, and that relationship I'm in denial about? It's also abusive.

As it turns out, I did this whole thing wrong. I never really responded to much of what Fae said, I simply smiled and nodded. When speaking with people afterwards, I was told that tarot card readers, and other "cold" fortune tellers, base their readings off of your reactions, and latch on to the things the you, as the read-ee, respond to. So considering that I didn't really respond to much of what she said, I can't have been making that woman's job very easy. And this is also why her reading was so off and inapplicable to me; her accuracy is based on what she has to work with, and I didn't give her much. When speaking to Fae more afterwards, I found out that most of her readings have taken place online. This event at Villains was her first time out in the world with her cards, and I was only her second-ever paying customer. I guess at least I gave her some experience working with someone who doesn't understand the process? This week's experiment was a good time, something light-hearted and fun, but definitely didn't manage to make me change my mind on fortune tellers. So at least I know that tarot cards aren't something I need to find space for each week. On to the next adventure!

Me (Left) and Fae Tigre during a tarot card reading at Villains Beastro, July 15, 2017. Thanks to Sarah Morris for the photo!

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