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I'm a creature of habit. Most days I have the same thing for breakfast. I have a to-do list that covers similar tasks day in and day out. I spend my time with very few people. I can listen to the same music on repeat for ages, and have been known to re-watch TV series' a weird number of times.

A few weeks ago I was existential crisis-ing all over the place, and was talking to my brother about how nothing I do has me feeling fulfilled, or even particularly happy. I explained that I felt as if I'm bad at everything and that there's no point in the things I've been doing.

His response has made me think a lot. He asked me how many things I've tried. How many different jobs I've worked, hobbies I've attempted, or new friends I've tried to make. Even after I listed what felt like a ton of responses, he still wasn't convinced. "Okay," he said. "So you've tried twenty jobs out of infinite." And I realized he's right. Just because I haven't found that thing that makes me fulfilled and happy yet, doesn't mean I won't. I just have to be willing to try new things. At the very least, it will make life more interesting and help me out of the current rut. So I decided that from here forward, I'm going to try to do one new thing a week. It could be an activity, a food, a change in hairstyle, or even re-arranging my bedroom. As long as it's something that didn't happen in any weeks prior, I'm going to count it. I don't have a time limit set on this, nor is every week going to be some massive project. I know I won't love everything that I try, but I'm positive that I won't be sure either way until I give it a go.

This project freaks me out a little, but I need to start pushing my boundaries instead of always staying safe in the comfort zone. So now each week between Sunday and Saturday I'll have to try something new in my regular routine, and I'm going to hold myself accountable by documenting the process through blogging and Twitter posts. When possible I hope to include photographs and other people in my weekly expeditions, but we'll have to see how it goes.

It's an experiment of self-exploration, and my new motto. Follow along at #YouDoNew.

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