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June 2017 Recap

Coming into June I was feeling great. May was an awesome month for me with a lot of bookings, events, and just genera feel-good vibes. Unfortunately that high note didn't last long, and June had me facing a lot of struggles with myself and my work. So I didn't accomplish as much this month as I might have liked, but taking the time to really think about what I'm doing and why was something that I needed, and I think it has really helped. I still question myself and my intentions at times, but in general am currently doing a lot better than I was a few weeks ago.

This month I also participated in a public speaking event, YQG Talks, where I managed to share a but about the struggles I've been having, in hopes of bolstering the attitudes of anyone in the audience sharing my struggles. At the end of the night I had multiple people come to tell me how much what I said resonated with them, and how what I had shared was exactly what they needed to hear. So at least I can say that's one mission accomplished this month.

Anyway, here's a look at the visual, non-internal work that I completed in June.

Mouth Piece Podcast at Villains Beastro - June 1

It's been a little over a year now since I started working on The Mouth Piece Podcast, and it's one of my favourite projects. Local author and poet Vanessa Shields began this while thing back in 2015, based off of The Moth storytelling series. Basically, every couple of months she organizes an event where participants get the chance to share their true stories on stage, everything is recorded and photographed, and eventually I combine the stories with some narration to produce a full episode. We also have a different local musician provide tunes during the breaks, and this time it was Windsor favourite Crissi Cochrane. It's a cool combination of a lot of things that I dig. Here are a few shots from the June event, where everyone was telling secrets.

Metal at RockStar - June 9

This event has it's own post already, so I'll keep this easy and get right to the photos of Devilz By Definition, Atria, and Tortured Saint at RockStar in Windsor's east end.

Gordie How International Bridge Site Walk-Through - June 17

At least once a week I'm covering one event or another for WindsoriteDOTca, and I don't include all of those in the monthly recap. This particular event was a neat one though, and was also my first time using my new 80-200 mm lens, so I wanted to include some of those shots. You can also find more images, and the full story, here.

Kat Orlando Portrait Session - June 22

In mid-June I received my first ever call from a client who found me through my website. I've had people use it to get in touch before, but usually it's people I've met somewhere before, friends of my parents, things like that. But this time a Detroit vocalist and sax player was looking online for a photographer, came across my site, and gave me a call. So even if in general June wasn't great, this was a pretty cool thing. I met Kat at her Bloomfield Hills home the following week, and we got some fun photos for her to use in her promotional materials.

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