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Wintersleep and Fake Palms at The Rondo

The Rondo was packed on Wednesday night for Fake Palms and Wintersleep, and I doubt that anyone who made it to the show was disappointed or in any way regretted the decision. I definitely had a blast rocking out to some amazing bands in a club warmed by the body heat of over a hundred dancing fans.

This was also the first show I've seen at The Rondo where the sound dampening curtains that cover the windows behind the stage were left open. Something about having the orange streetlights and skyline of Detroit showing through behind the bands was super cool. Of course I get why the curtains are used, but I've been curious to see (and hear) a show that left them open. And this was a sweet one to finally see that happen with.

I did write a little more about this show, so if you want to see some more details (and photos, of course), check out the short review I wrote for Respect Your Youngers.

Fake Palms


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