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September Recap

September was a wild month. I worked all sorts of jobs and had a pretty good time, but it left me a bit too busy to get in some of the usual posts, like the August recap, and even some dedicated pieces about the shoots I'd been doing.

But luckily, October seems pretty calm so far, which means I can get the September recap in to still give coverage to some cool shots that might not have seen their own post otherwise.

Maiden Lane Alley Art Show - September 3

This show and it's photos already have their own dedicated post outlining the successes and failures of the day, but I like how this whole event went, so here are a few shots from that again.

Stoney Creek, Michigan - September 5

On Labour Day I was able to visit Stoney Creek in Michigan for magic hour, and managed to get some neat shots out of the trip. This is one of those days that should have received it's own post, but I was busy, so, here it is a little behind schedule.

This was also one of my first times really using my variable ND filter, and I really like what it did to most of these shots. It's something I'm going to try using in more outdoor shoots from now on, even when I'm not doing long exposure.

I love that I was able to catch shot of the bird on the left with his worm.

I tried out my new variable ND filter on this excursion, and wanted to try getting the setting sun reflected in the water. While this one isn't perfect, I love how smooth the foreground looks.

The previously mentioned ND filter was used on this shot as well, and I'm really happy with the tone it helped give to this shot.

The sunset out there was super awesome, and I couldn't believe the cloud formations that were going on.

I think that this is my favourite shot of the day.

By this point the sun was well behind the trees and I really had to jack the ISO to get anything resembling proper exposure, but I'm still fairly pleased with how this one turned out.

Elsie Binx and Cactus at The Magic Bag - September 17

This is another event that was covered in detail elsewhere, so I'll just link to that and leave some more pretty pictures to look at.

I like this one because it looks like they're about to throw down.

Take Back The Night - September 24

This was my first Take Back The Night in a few years, and I was happy to be able to catch the event again.

I was officially there to cover it for WindsoriteDOTca, but this is something I would have attended anyhow.

Sometimes it can be difficult to take photos of a march you're participating in, but it's also totally worth it. I think I got some cool ones this time.

Chris and Paige's Family Portraits - September 28

Chris and Paige are some friends of mine that go way back. They were also cool enough to stop by my booth at the Maiden Lane show, and Paige commented afterwards on how theirs is a great family picture, even though it didn't include the cat. So I offered to come by sometime to take a few!

So in exchange for some dinner and a bottle of wine (plus some sweet quality time) I took a few adorable shots of their little family, fur-babies and all.

These are just some quick edits for the sake of this post, but they give a feel for what we were doing that night.

This is Bijou. She has the most ridiculous snaggle-tooth that I just had to snap a photo of.

Chris and Paige also happen to live in an apartment with an awesome view of Downtown Windsor, so I took this opportunity to try out my new shutter remote (thanks Mom!) coupled with my handy variable ND filter for some long exposures. While they aren't perfect, I'm happy with them for a first try and now have ideas on what to do differently next time.

September was also the start of my #17DaysOfSillyFaces campaign on Instagram. We're a week in now and so far people seem to be digging it. I recommend giving the feed a look if you haven't yet.

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