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Sunsets...Such Originality

It's terribly original by this point, to go out to the Windsor riverfront and take photos of the Detroit skyline and ambassador bridge at sunset...But I just can't help it. When I don't have a band to shoot, but still feel the need to get something, this always makes for a great evening subject. Also, it's pretty!

For anyone who hasn't noticed, this area boasts some fantastic sunsets, and the past week or so they've been especially colourful.

I'm already in love with the Detroit skyline, and have always been into watching sunsets, so when it's a matter of a measly five minute walk to go out and enjoy some time snapping a few shots, well, I just have to.

Last night I had a little company while doing this, as well, in the form of the wonderful Sarah Mo and my best buddy Trevor.

Shooting a wiggling chihuahua in quickly fading light isn't an easy task, but I managed this one goofy shot of them together, at least.

I've also been apparently starting a thing lately where I'm into shots of sunset clouds with nothing else in the frame. So here's another one of those.

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