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No Candles, No Incense, Just Yoga

A couple of week back Empire Muscle hosted its first power yoga workshop with instructor Samantha Menzies.

Power yoga focuses less on the "crunchy" parts of yoga (you know, connecting with the universe and all that), and instead looks at how focused breathing and stretching can impact your overall fitness and other sports activities.

I attended this class to snap some photos (featured in the July Recap and on the Empire Muscle Facebook page) and take some video. Today the final video from that day was released.

As breathing is a huge part of heavy lifting, the exercises provided in Samantha's classes are well suited to the power lifters of Empire. The stretches are also a great way to limber up before a workout, can help with form, and can even increase mobility (think getting deeper into that squat position).

Empire Muscle and Samantha are teaming up once again for another workshop on August 23rd. The event is free for all current members of Empire Muscle and it's affiliates (BFF, Push Fitness, and Bam Bam's Boxing), and only $5 for non-members. They're hoping to start running classes bi-weekly as well, so give the workshop a try if you think power yoga might be for you.

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