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June Recap

This month wasn't as productive in the photo department as May was, but I guess that's bound to happen sometimes.

Most of the shoots for this month were for WindsoriteDOTca, which are always fun projects, but I also spent nearly three weeks editing the shots from the first day of Barron Fest - and there were over 2500 raw files, hence the ridiculously long turnaround.

I also had the chance to help out local singer/songwriter Allison Brown with a silhouette portrait that she's using to screenprint a post for some upcoming shows. While I'm not sharing any photos from that at this point, I'll be sure to post the completed poster once it's all finished.

I also tried this month to run a booth at an event for the second time, and for this first time outdoors. I felt ready. I had all the prints and price sheets ready, I even set up the entire booth in the back yard to test out exactly how setup would go. I couldn't wait! But then the day-of rolled around, and Murphy's Law got all up in my business.

It would have been a cool display if the wind hadn't decided to be a dick.

It would have been a cool display if the wind hadn't decided to be a dick.

The outdoor festival was being held on Riverside Drive in Downtown Windsor. I was under the impression that we would be on the north side of the road, where there is grass and dirt and all the necessities for pegging down my tent. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I had sidewalk and parking lot to deal with, and tent pegs don't play so well with concrete. It was also quite a windy day... I'm sure you can imagine where it went from there.

My tent-neighbours were all super rad, overlapping tent legs and everything else they could do to help hold my tent in place, but the wind proved to be too much. My entire setup was flipped over and sent sailing across the parking lot. Everyone was amazing, helping me to pick up tent pieces and photos, but a few of my prints were ruined in the struggle against the weather, and I was left with a rather ghetto-looking setup. I decided at this point that I was better off just calling it a day, and would plan better for the next one.

I might have only lasted 30 minutes this time, but at least for the next one I know: there is no such thing as too many cinderblocks (or sandbags, or any other means of holding down a tent in an outdoor setting).

And speaking of the next one, on September 3rd I'll be taking part in The Alley Art Show in Maiden Lane in Downtown Windsor, displaying and selling prints as well as taking complimentary fully-lit portraits attendees. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

But now let's take a look at some of the best photos from this month:

2K2K Tutu Run in Kingsville - June 4

This was a super cute charity event, one that gave me the chance to shoot kids, athletes, dogs, and mascots all in one place. And there really is nothing better than fit dudes in tutus, amirite?

If interested, check out the full story and gallery here.

The colour coordination is what gets me.

Barron Fest Day 1 @ The Olde Walkerville Theatre - June 11

This was a crazy long day of shooting, and I wasn't even there for the entire thing. I showed up around 4:30 pm to catch oldschool poppunk favourites Blurt, and stayed until the headliner, Days Fade, who played around 11 pm. The day was long, hot, sweaty, and totally worth it. It was amazing to see so many people out in support of Barron, and being able to see some bands who haven't played in ages wasn't bad either.

More photos from this event can be found on the CJAM 99.1 FM Facebook page, and on WindsoriteDOTca.

Days Fade




The Battlecat

Windsor Corporate Challenge @ The Vollmer Complex - June 18

Another Windsorite story, this was an interesting event that had participants doing some crazy stuff, that all resulted in neat photos.

This little guy wasn't competing, just loving life while partying with some foam.

So far July is playing out to be a busy month, with two weddings having already taken place, an anniversary shoot booked for a couple of weeks from now, and a photo pass for The Vans Warped Tour already secured. Check me out on Instagram to keep up with all the new photos as they're taken.

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