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Meghann Wright Premiers "Big Sky" Music Video

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Brooklyn-based musician Meghann Wright through a mutual friend. I first interviewed her live over the phone for an episode of Milk and Vodka on CJAM 99.1 FM, and since then have had the chance to hangout with her at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour stops in Toronto and Detroit, interview her for the radio again, hangout on the set of her "Vacancy" music video shoot, and to take some photos of her at her most recent stop in Detroit at The Majestic Cafe.

And here's one of those shots.

As you can maybe tell, Meghann is a busy lady and always seems to have an interesting project on the go. Most recently she made a post on Facebook about the upcoming video to her song "Big Sky," asking for submissions of cloud, skyline, and sunset photos. I had a few of these sorts of things lying around the hard drive, so I put together a few and sent them off to her, hoping she'd like one or two enough to use them.

Today Meghann released the video, which was made with help from Zac Meloy. I was thrilled to see that the very first two photos on screen are some of mine, and as the song continued nine more of my shots made an appearance!

The song itself is an amalgamation of a lot of emotions, and manages to do so perfectly. It manages in 4 minutes to discuss growing up, travelling, and unity, and all at once is beautifully uplifting and tear-inducing.

The video features sunsets and skylines shared by Meghann's friends, family, and fans from all over the world, and there are some pretty fantastic ones in there.

After you watch the video and have the track stuck in your head, go check out Meghann's bandcamp page, where "Big Sky" is available for purchase for only $1.

Here's a list of my photos that appear in the video, as well as some background on each:

00:00 - 00:10

Trinidad & Tobago, December 2013

Banff, Alberta, as seen from the top of Sulfur Mountain, April 2015


Downtown Windsor, Ontario, November 2012


Detroit, Michigan, as seen from Windsor, Ontario during Blues Fest, July 2015


Lake Louise, Alberta, April 2015


Holiday Beach in Amherstburg, Ontario, April 2012


Castle Mountain in Banff, Alberta, April 2015


Windsor, Ontario, November 2012


Windsor, Ontario, November 2012


Cave and Basin in Banff, Alberta, April 2015


Lake Louise, Alberta, April 2015

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