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Sure, Why Not?

Despite the fact that today looks like an average South Western Ontario winter, yesterday conditions were fairly different. Early January and it was nice enough out to be able to wander around outside in only a sweater (and pants, unless you're into that sort of thing).

So when my girl Clara hits me up about visiting skateparks in Detroit I figure, why not? I haven't done that sort of thing since high school, but spontaneous adventures can be fun, so off we go.

The first one we hit was Ride It Sculpture Park on the East Davidson Freeway, and while there were only a couple of skaters out, they were friendly as fuck. Clara got the chance to try some skills she hadn't used in a decade, and I was able to grab some snaps of everyone in action. They even helped direct us to another nearby park.

So, with a basic idea of where we were going, we jumped on I-75 to find park number two.

We made it to the general vicinity, but were unable to find the park itself, so we did what anyone would. Honked at some dudes next to us at a red light and asked for directions. They responded with a friendly "follow us!" (who ever said Americans aren't nice?)

Now, I can't always recommend following random dudes in an area you're unfamiliar with, but it worked out for us this time. Unfortunately the park was empty when we got there.

So while deciding what to do next, we remember a plume of smoke we had seen off in the distance earlier?

"Want to go see what's on fire?" asks Clara.

Hells yeah.

About 15 minutes away, right off of Woodward we come across three vacant apartment buildings abalze, with neighbours gathered around to watch as emergency crews do their best to extinguish the flames. It was cool to watch, although I was pretty surprised by how close they were allowing everyone to stand.

An excellent spontaneous adventure, and a great way to spend what might be one of the last nice days for a little while.

You can (and should) read Clara's account of the day here.


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