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Zhenia and Daniel's Pandemic Wedding

It seems like every wedding I'm a part of I end up saying it's my favourite one yet, and then somehow the next always seems to top it - but this one might actually be holding the top spot indefinitely.

In addition to being a beautiful couple, Zhenia and Daniel are my neighbours. We live in the same house, in fact! They occupy the main floor while I've got the attic. We share a back yard that, thanks to a lot of team effort, is a beautiful sanctuary of plants and flowers every summer.

Over the last few years I've come to know them very well, so when they announced early in the summer that they would be married at the end of July, I insisted that they allow me to take the photos - and I'm so glad they accepted!

Due to the situation the celebration was a small one, with family joining via phone from the U.S. and Belarus. A small city hall ceremony was followed by a beautiful backyard reception, and between the shoot being at home and the amazing people who made up the celebration, this wedding was one of the smoothest I've ever experienced.

Thank you Zhenia and Daniel for allowing me to be part of your day 💜


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