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Mac Sabbath and Galactic Empire at The Crofoot

It's always difficult for me to write a negative review, and this is the least-positive one I've written in quite sometime. Despite that, I in no way regret catching this show. The I Got A Bad Feeling About This Tour features Star Wars prog-metal act Galactic Empire and McDonalds/Black Sabbath parody band Mac Sabbath. Both of these groups were worth seeing, even if just for the stories I'll have to tell at parties.

I'm not likely to listen to the music of either while hanging out at home. I probably wouldn't bother with Mac Sabbath again, but given the chance to see Galactic Empire at a venue that isn't too far away, on a night that I've got nothing else to do... Sure.

A weird show to be my first bit of coverage for a publication, but at least it was something interesting!

Mac Sabbath

Galactic Empire

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