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You Bred Raptors? at Phog Lounge

I've been spending a lot of time in Detroit lately, and have been wanting to get back into attending shows on the south side of the river. There are always things going on here, and I'm always encouraging other people to check them out after all, so I figured it's about time I started putting more effort into seeing bands play locally.

This past weekend provided an excellent opportunity to return to Phog Lounge for some live music, even if the band itself wasn't local.

I'd heard about You Bred Raptors? and after listening around online I decided that I needed to be at this show. So on a Sunday night I actually put on pants and left the house (which doesn't often happen these days), and I am so so glad that I did.

This three-piece hailing from New York plays an interesting prog-jazz-type-thing that would resonate with fans of Animals as Leaders.. But still, featuring an eight-string bass, cello, and drums, I can pretty much guarantee you haven't heard anything quite like this instrumental outfit.

Or maybe they're just playing two basses?

The tunes are sometimes heavy, and will sway between a prog or jazzy sound, but they're always pulsing with an groovy beat.

The crowd was enthralled throughout the set, and the end of each song was met with hearty applause. Although, some of that interest might have been thanks to the standup comedy routine provided by bass player Peat Rains between songs. Or maybe it was the constantly changing masks worn by the band throughout their set? Either way, the assembled audience was definitely digging it.

You Bred Raptors? are releasing their new album International Genetics on June 15th, and I highly recommend checking it out. I prefer their live set to the recorded tunes, sure, but their previous records still make for a wonderful listen. It's not quite gym playlist music, but I find it to be some awesome photo-editing tunage!

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