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17 Days of Silly Faces

One of my favourite parts about taking photos of bands is looking back at all the ridiculous faces I managed to catch during a show.

Whether it's that squished up O-face during a guitar solo or some scrunched up skin during a headbang, I always laugh my ass off.

Sometimes these photos end up posted, depending on the severity of the face and who the band is, but often they'll just sit on the harddrive forever, maybe snapchatted to a friend or two during the editing process.

But I figured, if I'm so amused by these faces, I'm sure other people out there are too. So why not share a few of my favourites?

And so, I decided to run #17DaysOfSillyFaces on Instagram. I'm sure it's easy to figure out how this will go. Basically, every day for seventeen days I'll be posting one ridiculous face captured in concert sometime over the last few years.

In a couple of cases, these were goofy faces made specifically for the camera, but for the most part these were just some lucky shots of musicians getting caught up in the moment.

And I just want to be clear on this - I'm not making fun of anyone here. Unfortunate faces captured during a show are a fact of life (just ask Beyonce). But they don't have to be viewed in a negative light. We can just choose to look at them as people having so much fun they're letting loose and losing self-consciousness. So really, I'm just trying to teach a lesson about self acceptance. Or something.

Anyway, here's the very first shot of the campaign, the guy who's so good at making faces that it's literally in his name - Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake.

Taken at The Palace of Auburn Hills stop of Warped Tour 2016

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