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Welcome to the New Site!

So as the title says, this is the new, and it's a huge improvement from the 90's-style one I had going on before.

I'm also hoping that this will simplify everything. In the past I've had reviews, articles, and photos posted all over the damn place. WindsoriteDOTca, The Windsor Zene, The Lance, The Windsor Scene Blog, the30, and, of course, Now that everything is consolidated into one place it should be easier to find the photos and posts that you're after. It does mean, however, that five years' worth of local band photos are now no longer available online (server space is damn expensive, and all those shots required a lot of it). So if you're feeling nostalgic one day and decide that you NEED access to images from the time that Diesel Junkies played at The Room, head over to the contact page and shoot me a message. I'll hook you up.

Diesel Junkies' frontman Jonathan Loiselle at The Room on June 15, 2012

There will still be photos from all of the shows I attend posted here, but it'll be limited to a few of the best rather than the full gallery. If you happen to be in a band that played and you'd like to see more, again, just drop me a line and we'll get it taken care of.

I'm pretty excited about this new site, as it really shows off the change in my work over the past few years. As does this instagram post from a few weeks back.

Left - Weezer at Riot Fest Toronto 2015, Right - Wax Mannequin at Phog Lounge Windsor 2010

Since the site is so new though, there will be frequent updates while I get things just the way I like them. If you come across something that doesn't work, or that you don't like, too damn bad, go make your own site! But for real. Just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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