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Movement Electronic Music Festival 2017

On Saturday I hopped across the border to visit Movement Electronic Music Festival, which was happening in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. I'm always amused when I go to see events that I've been listening to from my apartment for the last four hours.

Full disclosure: techno isn't exactly my bag. On this three-day festival I was only familiar with about four artists, and even that is mostly in passing. But when the CJAM music director asked me to go grab some photos, I figured why not. I last visited Movement in 2015, and although I didn't get electronic music then either, I still had a pretty good time.

The people watching at events like this is definitely the best part. People go all-out for music festivals, and it's fun to see. I can also say that I'm not being creepy, because it's literally my job to go look for interesting people to take photos of. Sometimes I'll be a weirdo and shoot from a distance, but I often find it's necessary to do so in order to catch a moment that would be ruined by a camera's presence. And I do sometimes approach people and ask, so it's all good! I did end up with very few artist photos however, as my photo pass allowed me into the photo pit, but not on stage, and the stages are quite high, with the DJs behind some pretty large tables. It just doesn't make for super interesting photos.

But there was enough else going on that it didn't really matter! I met up with some friends and wandered the festival taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of so many people crammed together on a nice May afternoon. So here are the shots from that.

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