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October Recap

October was a surprisingly busy month, with different types of work on all fronts. I'm still working with WindsoriteDOTca, which always provides me with interesting things to shoot, I wrote my first contribution to The Windsor Independent, which came out yesterday, and then on top of all of the other random things I decided to photograph I also filmed a concert for the wonderful Allison Brown, a few segments of which will be posted here in the coming months.

So here's a rundown of most of the things I was able to shoot this month:

Harvesting The F.A.M. Fest - October 1

F.A.M. Fest runs throughout October each year, and I'm always happy to be part of it, even if that part is only attending some of the shows. This year, I was lucky enough to grab a few shots of Goodnight Sunrise and Crissi Cochrane at The Beer Exchange, and to have some of my prints on display at two of the events.

Windsor Model/Photography Workshop - October 2

Last year local photographer Joey Acott began a monthly(ish) meet-up that would help connect models and photographers in the region: part networking event, part practice session. I was able to attend the first one, which was held in September 2015, and then again a year later in October 2016 I finally made it back.

Unfortunately this wasn't one of my best shooting days, and after about 45 minutes I realized that I just wasn't feeling it, and decided to pack it in early. I think the images I got from that day make it pretty obvious that I wasn't as into it as I normally am, as they're a little boring without any real defining features, aside from the fact that the models themselves are rad as hell.

Erica - October 3

Erica and I went to high school together, and she's now into photography as well, shooting weddings and portraits under the name Adele Lane. We decided back in September to do a shoot together, the full details of which will be revealed at a later date. But here's a bit of a sneak peek from that one anyhow.

Ride It Sculpture Park - October 10

There's already a whole post dedicated to these images, so I'll just go ahead and post a few of my favourites.

The Backstage - October 22

I've always loved Gypsy Chief Goliath, but haven't actually shot one of their shows in ages. This show also provided an opportunity to check out a new venue, which can be a little nerve inducing, as I never know what I'll find in terms of lighting or venue cooperation. Luckily, this time it turned out pretty great.

CJAM Pledge Drive Kickoff - October 27

This was another great night of new bands and new venues that resulted in some cool shots. The lighting at The Rondo wasn't my favourite, as one side of the stage was bathed in light while everyone else was pushed into a dark corner, but I still managed to make it work, luckily.

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