October Recap

October was a surprisingly busy month, with different types of work on all fronts. I'm still working with WindsoriteDOTca, which always provides me with interesting things to shoot, I wrote my first contribution to The Windsor Independent, which came out yesterday, and then on top of all of the other random things I decided to photograph I also filmed a concert for the wonderful Allison Brown, a few segments of which will be posted here in the coming months. So here's a rundown of most of the things I was able to shoot this month: Harvesting The F.A.M. Fest - October 1 F.A.M. Fest runs throughout October each year, and I'm always happy to be part of it, even if that part is only attending so

Ride It Sculpture Park

Last January my friend Clara and I decided to visit a random skate park in Detroit that she had found on Instagram. It was an unusually warm day that was lacking snow, so we figured there might be a person or two around. We ended up enjoying that visit so much that we decided it was necessary to make another stop by, so in early October we made our way across the border for another adventure. While crossing The Ambassador Bridge on this sunny autumn day, I remembered how much I love the view from this crumbling landmark that I usually avoid (I prefer not to give my money to Moroun, but that's a whole other story). I wondered how some photos would turn out from the window of a moving car, so

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