The Wedding of Nathan and Sandra Gambriel

Now that the weather is getting colder and it's pretty much Halloween, I figured it's the perfect time to finally post some photos from a summer wedding, one which took place back in early July. This was exciting for me in a lot of ways. My little baby cousin Nathan is all grown up now, with a baby, and this was his wedding day. I remember carrying this dude around on my hip talking about cartoons, and now he's a husband and father. How fucking weird. The whole affair was also taking place at my parent's house out in Malden, which is rad. Shooting familiar people in a familiar environment is nice, especially when you're already nervous, which I was....Because this was my first time ever shoo

Gypsy Chief Goliath at The Backstage

Last night for the first time in ages I was able to catch a Gypsy Chief Goliath set, and while some of the members on stage were a bit different from what I remembered, the sound and energy were still top-notch. The show took place at an out-of-the-way venue called The Backstage, which is located inside The Player's Sports Club, a little neighbourhood bar on Langlois just a short distance from the Ottawa Street shopping district. I first visited Player's Club when my brother lived around the corner. He and his roommate used to hit them up for cheap burgers and walking-distance rye and gingers. I couldn't believe that such an awesome room seemed to be used so infrequently. Shortly after my di

#17DaysOfSillyFaces Wrap Up

Eighteen days ago I began an Instagram campaign that featured the strange expressions that I've managed to capture musicians making during performances. I dubbed the project #17DaysOfSillyFaces, and was a little nervous about whether people would understand what I was going for, or if they would just think that I was being a dick and making fun of the artists. Luckily, it seems like people got it! The whole idea of this campaign was to showcase the fact that these musicians are so passionate about what they do that in front of crowds of sometimes thousands of people they still get so into their craft that they stop worrying about what they look like. I consider this a major accomplishment on

Goodnight Sunrise at Harvesting the F.A.M. Fest

Last weekend I was super excited to checkout Toronto's Goodnight Sunrise in Windsor as part of Harvesting the F.A.M. Fest. I caught them by chance at one point last summer, and they were rad, so the chance to see them again, and outdoors, sounded fantastic. After a day working with Windsor Hackforge at W.A.V.E.S. Fest I figured it would be sweet to have a few drinks and catch their early set down by the river. Unfortunately, the weather decided that it was an excellent opportunity to dump record-breaking amounts of rain on us, so the show was moved to The Windsor Beer Exchange, and the set time pushed back by over three hours. So those couple drinks turned into a few...turned into a few more

September Recap

September was a wild month. I worked all sorts of jobs and had a pretty good time, but it left me a bit too busy to get in some of the usual posts, like the August recap, and even some dedicated pieces about the shoots I'd been doing. But luckily, October seems pretty calm so far, which means I can get the September recap in to still give coverage to some cool shots that might not have seen their own post otherwise. Maiden Lane Alley Art Show - September 3 This show and it's photos already have their own dedicated post outlining the successes and failures of the day, but I like how this whole event went, so here are a few shots from that again. Stoney Creek, Michigan - September 5 On Labour

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