17 Days of Silly Faces

One of my favourite parts about taking photos of bands is looking back at all the ridiculous faces I managed to catch during a show. Whether it's that squished up O-face during a guitar solo or some scrunched up skin during a headbang, I always laugh my ass off. Sometimes these photos end up posted, depending on the severity of the face and who the band is, but often they'll just sit on the harddrive forever, maybe snapchatted to a friend or two during the editing process. But I figured, if I'm so amused by these faces, I'm sure other people out there are too. So why not share a few of my favourites? And so, I decided to run #17DaysOfSillyFaces on Instagram. I'm sure it's easy to figure out

Maiden Lane Alley Art Show: The Results

Earlier this month I participated in an awesome cultural event in Downtown Windsor, The Maiden Lane Alley Art Show. This was my second attempt at an outdoor show this summer, and this time went much better than the first. I was set up on the corner of Maiden Lane and that sweet alley with all the graffitti, in between a henna artist and another photographer, across from Buuntz & Co. ice cream. So basically, a totally excellent spot. I had a book of my photos on display for people to flip through, as well as a background and some lights set up so that I could take portraits of some of the event attendees. While a lot of people were not so into having their photos taken, I managed to find more

Cactus and Elsie Binx @ The Magic Bag

On Saturday night I finally made my way out to The Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan. I can't believe that it took me this long to finally make it out there, as this was a great venue. I was digging the beer selection, the stage lights were cool (and existent!), the bathrooms were clean, and the show sounded pretty damn good. I'm not gonna lie, going into this event I wasn't expecting very much. A local pop-rock band opening for some aging classic rockers didn't sound like the most exciting of nights, but I had been looking for an excuse to check out this venue, and it was also a good way to support some friends, so off I went. And it was totally worth it. I seriously enjoyed both sets. I've h

Upcoming Show: Mess Fest Film Fest

A couple of years back I was taking a digital documentary course at The University of Windsor, and as a final project was tasked to (brace yourself) create a documentary. I had two awesome ideas that would have focused on local businesses, the history of the city, and the people who are doing awesome things for it. Unfortunately these ideas never came to fruition (maybe someday!) so I had a weekend to come up with a new idea and to produce some content for it. All for those sweet sweet marks. In my head I had been writing a documentary for a little over a year, but had yet to talk to anyone about it, or even put anything on paper. The idea of making this one freaked me out for a lot of reaso

Harrow Fair Entries 2016

When I was little,The Harrow Fair was the best time of the year. We'd spend all summer making crafts and getting ready to bake entries, hoping to win a few ribbons come Labour Day Weekend. And then I took about ten years off from entering anything, as I no longer had an interest in crafts, and the amount that I'd spend on pie ingredients in the hopes of winning that $5 grand prize just didn't seem worth it (plus, let's be honest, all the old ladies out in the county can whoop my ass at pie-making). Then last year I decided that I may as well enter some of my photographs, because nostalgia and why not? I didn't end up doing well that time, walking away from the Harrow and Colchester South Agr

Upcoming Show: Maiden Lane Alley Art Show

In the June Recap I wrote a bit about my attempt at an outdoor showing of my work for the CNU Road Diet, and what a disaster that whole experience was. But I didn't let it get me down! So this Saturday I'm trying again, with a totally new setup and hopefully some stuff people will dig. Following this Saturday's Downtown Farmer's Market, Maiden Lane will turn into an afternoon-long art fair featuring all sorts of local artists, and I'll be right there with them! In addition to showing off and selling some of my prints, I'll be setting up a few lights and a backdrop to take some portraits for anyone interested. The setup is a simple one, as we're not looking to win any awards here, but it will

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