So my parents are hippies. Not necessarily the tie-die wearing, peace sign throwing, vegan diet type, but they've definitely got some crunchy tendencies. Although maybe they'd be better labelled as hipsters? Or rednecks? I can't decide. They'e all about making their own bread, and growing their own vegetables. They prefer to make their own preserves, whether it's dill beans, salsa, or canned peaches, they're all into it. There was a solid year growing up where we didn't eat beef, because we were instead living off of the spoils from one of Dad's moose-hunting expeditions. Mom's all into making different beauty products and the like out of various organic oils, and the past couple of years, D

Sunsets...Such Originality

It's terribly original by this point, to go out to the Windsor riverfront and take photos of the Detroit skyline and ambassador bridge at sunset...But I just can't help it. When I don't have a band to shoot, but still feel the need to get something, this always makes for a great evening subject. Also, it's pretty! For anyone who hasn't noticed, this area boasts some fantastic sunsets, and the past week or so they've been especially colourful. I'm already in love with the Detroit skyline, and have always been into watching sunsets, so when it's a matter of a measly five minute walk to go out and enjoy some time snapping a few shots, well, I just have to. Last night I had a little company whil

Featured on @JJ_MusicIsLife

A couple of weeks back I made a post about my research into music photography hubs on Instagram, and how one of them had actually paid off. I was happy once again to wake up this morning and find that I had been featured yet again, this time on another hub, @jj_musicislife, which was reached through the #jj_musicislife hashtag. This account was founded by @cecilianmd, and is moderated by @blaj_enst, and has over 3,900 posts with 5,212 followers. This means that this go around my photo was potentially seen by even more people than last time - cool! The "JJ" at the start of the account and hashtag had me curious, as I also noticed it as a preface to a number of other accounts. So I looked into

Malden Centre Sunset

As much as I enjoy the band and sport shoots, sometimes the best shoots are the spontaneous ones. Tonight I was out visiting my parents in Malden Centre, which is located between Harrow and Amherstburg in the southwest corner of Southwestern Ontario, and I looked outside to see some awesome light happening. So I grabbed my camera and headed out to the back yard, which opens into an excellent western-facing view over cow pastures, fields, and forests. The beautiful sunset colours had me wandering along the rural street and a bit into some neighbours yards for some sky and landscape shots that turned out pretty not bad. I'm by no means a landscape photographer, but every now and then it can be

No Candles, No Incense, Just Yoga

A couple of week back Empire Muscle hosted its first power yoga workshop with instructor Samantha Menzies. Power yoga focuses less on the "crunchy" parts of yoga (you know, connecting with the universe and all that), and instead looks at how focused breathing and stretching can impact your overall fitness and other sports activities. I attended this class to snap some photos (featured in the July Recap and on the Empire Muscle Facebook page) and take some video. Today the final video from that day was released. As breathing is a huge part of heavy lifting, the exercises provided in Samantha's classes are well suited to the power lifters of Empire. The stretches are also a great way to limber

July Recap

July was a hectic month, and I'm glad that it's over. But it was also really fun, with a lot of awesome shoots. This month I also started a new job with a lot of hours, which has severely lengthened my (already kind of long) turnaround time. Hence why this post is coming over a week into August. But hey, at least it's done. A lot of cool work came out of July though, so I'm not going to complain. Here are a few of my favourites. Nathan and Sandra's Wedding - July 3rd My baby cousin recently had a baby, and then decided to throw a beautiful wedding in my mom's yard out in the county. It was a wonderful, informal ceremony that I'm still in the process of editing. But the shots that are comple

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